Poligrid is an improved multi-layer ground reinforcement system designed and produced by Plasticum.. Made in recycled plastic (Polypropylene Recycled), this system is designed to allow the permeability of the soil and the routing rainwater.

Its ‘double layer’ installation system allows a greater water holding capacity, as well as a high resistance – with loads exceeding 100 tonnes per sqm.

Poligrid grid system can be applied in different contexts, such as car parking lots, gardens, private roads, stables and dunes.

By allowing greater permeability of the soil, Poligrid system makes the water flow process more efficient, avoiding the creation of sludge and puddles, also allowing a lower environmental impact, thereby contributing to a greater environmental sustainability.

After testing it in laboratory and pilot facilities, Poligrid grids system is now available to the general public. This product is licensed with the DOM 002466805-001.