Trash Free Oceans Commitment

Every year, almost 8 billion tones of plastic leak to the oceans! This is the same as dumping the contents of a garbage truck straight into the ocean, every single minute! If the current pace of plastic disposal into the ocean remains, in other words, if nothing is done, the estimates show that in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans (in terms of weight)!

By understanding this reality and also the fact that Plasticum‘s activity can have a negative impact in the marine ecosystems, we determine as a main strategical policy the “Trash Free Oceans Commitment“. Right now we are adopting the following measures:

 > Design of a biodegradable plastic products line for Food Industry;

 > Use recycled plastics as the main raw material;

 > Plastic type labeling of all our products, in order to promote recycling;

 > Promote awareness across our staff and surrounding community;